Brief Business in Mexico

  • Mexico could receive additional investments soon
  • Mexico, in the global innovation index

Business investments in Mexico

  • Bosch opens new plant in the state of Mexico
  • Audi Mexico inaugurates new plant in Puebla
  • Kia's suppliers invest in Coahuila

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Argentina news

Government extends tax amnesty regime deadline.

Please bear in mind that the national government has decided to push back the deadline of the whitewash bill till December 31st, 2015 in the hope that more businesses will bring undeclared foreign currency reserves back into the country and invest them in real estate, infrastructure and hydrocarbons.

Renewable energy: investments opportunities.

Congress enacted Law 26,190 by which it seeks the use   and development of renewable sources on electricity consumption.

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Spanish companies find in Bolivia an attractive anti-crisis market

The economic crisis in Spain led to several Spanish construction companies to focus their attention to Latin American, especially countries like Bolivia, where it is increasingly common that Spanish company are awarded multimillion contracts for state projects of roads, hospitals and infrastructure for the energy sector.

In the last year at least a dozen companies from Spain have been interested in bidding for various projects of the Bolivia government, in need of experienced builders and engineers to work on key projects , some of international importance because of its size.

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