On the occasion of the imminent enactment by the Congress of a bill containing a tax amnesty regime (including an extraordinary tax payment plan with significant benefits), please bear in mind that the office of CE Consulting Argentina has formed an interdisciplinary group of experts for the examination of the various consequences and considerations that shall be analyzed.

It is worth stressing the significance of this regime, which is part of an international context characterized by a level of transparency in financial reporting of such magnitude that has made more than 100 countries grant their citizens "tax amnesties".

In this understanding, we estimate that it is vital an analysis taking into account, among other factors, the following: corporate and equity structure, goals of taxpayers and clients, family and estate planning, foreign asset valuation, investment structuring, review of the financial cost of the various alternatives granted by the amnesty.


Quarterly payment for Micro, Small and Medium Size companies.

Note that the National Tax Authority issued the General Resolution 3878/2016 (published in the official gazette on 05/17/2016) that established that taxpayers categorized as Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprises, except those carrying out activities of construction and mining, can access to the benefit of paying VAT quarterly (instead of monthly) and might obtain through an express process a certificate for the avoidance of tax withholdings, collection and/or advance payment of VAT. Moreover individuals can access to these benefits if their revenue is equal or lower to the threshold fixed for Micro Companies.


Issuance of regulations.

Following our previous reports, Resolution Nbr. 72/2016 (of the Economic National Bureau, published on the official gazette on 05/18/2016) approved the formal process in order to obtain the Certificate for the Development of Renewable Energies , which will apply to holders of projects investment and / or licensees whose projects are developed under individual agreements with the counterparts included under section 9 of Law 27,191 (either directly or through traders) or to be treated as self-generation projects or co-generation of electricity from renewable sources, operated or not through the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM)