Brief Business in Mexico

  • Güntner inaugurates its third plant in Nuevo Leon
  • Plastivaloire is established in San Luis Potosi

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Business investments in Mexico

  • The National Foreign Trade Bank (BANCOMEXT) and the Official Credit Institute (ICO) of Spain signed a memorandum of understanding for promote programs and projects that promote cooperation between the parts.
  • Queretaro will surpass the estimated growth
  • Mexico and Europe re-negotiate free trade agreement
  • Swedish entrepreneurs turn to Coahuila

Argentina news

Extraordinary Tax Amnesty

On the occasion of the imminent enactment by the Congress of a bill containing a tax amnesty regime (including an extraordinary tax payment plan with significant benefits), please bear in mind that the office of CE Consulting Argentina has formed an interdisciplinary group of experts for the examination of the various consequences and considerations that shall be analyzed.

Economic promotion of the province of La Pampa

The province of La Pampa enacted a broad regime to promote productive investment in its territory. In this regard, companies that locate their business in the  province will be granted tax exemptions on local taxes for up to 15 years.

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The Chilean government presents a Project of state company with potential national infrastructure fund

This state company, which will have independent corporate governance, will be 99% owned by the State and 1% by Corfo. It will be governed by rules of open corporations, under the supervision of the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance. The President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet announced on June 27th, 2016 the postponed Infrastructure Fund, at a time in which the government wants to fortify the economy.

Universidad del Desarrollo Ventures calls for entrepreneurs in the health care field

The accelerator of the Universidad del Desarrollo will finance up to EUR 77,000 developers using innovation to solve problems in this field in the country.

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Peru News

PPK: Emergency declared in about 20 projects to accelerate implementation locked

New government will prioritize a list of between 15 and 20 initiatives. Of this group, they will begin with works by some US $ 8.500 million, the reported transfer fee.

Lima´s second subway line already has the green light to start construction of stations

The Deputy Minister of Transport announced that it has reached an Agreement of the United Nations with the Municipality of Lima to allow the consortium as Manager of Project continues work

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