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Foreign and domestic investors are treated equally. No prior authorization or registration is required for and there are no restrictions on the transfer of capital or profits. Investment projects may be eligible revenue taxes and other sort of taxes for up to 100% of the invested amount.

Uruguay has several incentives which adjust to different types of activities, from industrial to commercial and service activities intended to be performed in the country. Schemes provided for by the Investment Law, free zones, free port and free airport schemes, public-private partnership agreements, industrial parks and temporary admission are some of the main incentive schemes available in the country.


• Railroad project: Rehabilitation of the Algorta – Fray Bentos section. Estimated amount : Initial: U
$ S 109 million , maintenance U $ S 400 thousand a year. Recovering of the railroad section that links Algorta, Paysandú, with Fray Bentos, Rio Negro. The railroad extends over 141 km and its mostly located within Rio Negro. US$ 110-130 millions
• Construction of a new public pier – Pier “C”. The goal is to have a minimum of 333 aditional metres for docking. The construction will be of a pier with said length, 45 metres width and 0,8 hectares of filling. U$S 82 millions
• Terminal for forestry products. Construction of an esplanade and a new berth, with conveyor for large bulk boats.
• Fishing Terminal – Puerto Capurro. Construction of the international module in the fishing terminal Capurro, in Montevideo bay. U$S 2,5 Millions
• New dock and berth at Port Sauce Improvement of the infraestructure at Puerto Sauce port
• Access control engineering. Analysis of the different aspects related to entering and exiting the port, determining the current level of technology and recommend the incoportation of infraestructure, equipment and other administrative issues


• Sand quarry U$1.000.000
• Touristic ranch 75 acres built 2600yd3 . Hall space for 600 people, swimming pool, U$S 2.250.000.
• Punta del Este, working hotel, peninsula, 15 rooms, u$1.100.000.
• Mineral Water and flavoured water Facility u$4.000.000
• 5 hostels 160 rooms u$2.200.000

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