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Why choosing Uruguay for your international businesses?

Uruguay has achieved an excellent position for foreigner investors due to their high levels of:

• Personal security
• Legal certainty
• Political reliability
• International reputation.
• Jurisdiction allows bank secrecy guaranteed by law.
• There is free flow of capital and 100% exemption for dividend repatriation.

Uruguay has 3.3 million inhabitants and a surface of 176.1square km. Strategically allocated within Brazil and Argentina and due to the stable economic climate that characterizes Uruguay, the country takes advantage of this privileged situation acting as a Hub for the highest GDP/capita cities in the MERCOSUR, enabling the country to enjoy a great commercial position in the South American and Worldwide markets.

Uruguay is considered to be one of the top countries according to the welfare standards along South America, and Montevideo, the countries capital is the administrative capital of the MERCOSUR. Benefited by a free import export regime, Uruguay has developed great commercial relationships highlighting the worldwide recognized high quality cattle, grains (soybeans, wheat and rice), dairy and its derivatives, among others.

The country works as a financial and administrative center for the region, with absolute freedom for capital flows, bank secrecy, free zone area and favorable tax regime for foreign investors, which local investors benefit of as well.

Bonded areas

The users of the bonded areas benefit of an exemption for all national taxes, including income tax and withholding taxes on dividends.

The new CE CONSULTING office in Uruguay, has as one of the core business advice company and private investors on their investment projects and business development in any of the several fields which are currently offering high profitability such us agribusiness, renewable energies and real state.

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