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  • Despite the impact of the international crisis the rate of growth forecast for Peru is 6%.
  • The internal demand, private consumption and investment in infrastructures are expected to grow by some 20% this year.
  • The value of companies mergers and acquisitions are envisaged to break the barrier of 8 billion US$, which makes Peru, together with Colombia, the country most active in this sector of the economy in Latin America.
  • The growth in cement consumption, as a barometer of the construction industry, is growing in the range to 12% to 25% on a month to month basis.
  • The Government has launched a number of measures to accelerate joint public/private investments in the short term for a total of 15 billion US$. Some of the investments in the portfolio are:
  • Extension of line 2 of the Lima underground transport.
  • Longitudinal mountain road.
  • Continuation of the express highway towards the South.
  • Conversion of Avenida Javier Prado into an express highway.
  • Construction of several hydroelectric power stations in several regions of Peru.
  • Repair and conservation of bridges and highways infrastructure

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