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To attract and generate new investment, Mexico looks to benefit from the real advantages available to small and medium size entities in the different productive sectors.

With the objective of generating an activity and dynamism that can open up interesting opportunities for businesses and growth, Enrique Jacob Rocha, president of the National Institute for the Entrepreneur (Inadem), announced an investment plan of 9 billion pesos to back up micro, small and medium sized entities (Mipymes). Another 1 billion will be allocated to production projects in strategic in several federal entities.

The Department of the Economy has identified strategic or priority sectors to fund the following: agroindustrial, food, automotive, construction, electronics, logistics, machinery and equipment, mining, chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as textile and tourism. The SE classifies for “future development” sectors such as: biomass, biotechnology, renewable energies, aerospace equipment and services, pharmaceuticals and

cosmetics, medical equipment and services and information technology.

Furthermore, since last August the new network of support to the entrepreneur which will ensure that the Mipymes adopt information and communications technologies in their processes. All this with an investment plan of 500 million pesos for the remainder of 2013.

The external promotion of Mexico as a place for foreign investment is a strategy implemented in the recent visit f the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, to the United Kingdom established an agreement to include the participation of small and medium sized companies in the commercial exchange between these regions.

In the same context CE Consulting Mexico participates in the Mission Mexico expansion point, organised by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Spanish Industry (CEOE), with the objective of training Spanish companies in the process of in the requirements and processes of expansion in Mexico through a programme of conferences given by Mexican specialists, amongst which CE Consulting Mexico will participate as presenter. This Mission will meet on 23 September in Madrid, 24 September in Valladolid, 25 September in Vigo and 26 September in Barcelona.

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